1x 2x Angle Finder for Nikon D300 D200 D90 D80 D60 D7100 D7000 D5200 D3200 D3100 D600-in Photo Studio Accessories from Consumer Electronics

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1x-2x Angle Finder for Nikon D300 D200 D90 D80 D60 D7100 D7000 D5200 D3200 D3100 D600 Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Package Yes
Brand Name Dslrkit
Model Number 1X-2X
feature right angle
material metal
package original
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
1x-2x right angle view machine ( ANGLE FINDER ) 


The seagull right angle view machine ( Angle Finder ) is a system accessory dedicated to photograph, can used for turning over to clap the document data, news photograph, providing the image top and bottom the or so all having no the inverse right angle view, combining the Dioptric correction range, convenient customer usage. 
This product is applicable to the seagull, Phoenix, Minolta, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Pentax, Sigma, Contax and various single lens camera it use.

Suitable for all
for Minolta 18mm eyepiece
for Fujifilm  22mm eyepiece
for Praktica 22mm eyepiece,
for Contax 18mm eyepiece,
for Pentax 22mm eyepiece,
for Sigma 18mm eyepiece,
for Olympus (Don't include E-1,E-3)


Each name:
1. Eyecup
2. Dioptic correction ring - Turn the Dioptric correction ring until the view picture looks clear.
3  Magnification leve - Use the magnification lever to switch the magnification between 1x and 2x.
4  for EOS-Can according to different camera conversion EOS.

Optical construction: 9 elements in 5 groups and roof prism, adopt the high-quality optical glass make, turning the Cape adoption right angle ridge prism.
Magnification: a=1, b=2
Revolve the angle: 360 degree
Dioptric correction range: +/- 4 dpt
Attachment method: put in a word the type.
Dimensions: 60x35x85(mm)
Weight: Gross weight: 145g   Net weight:82g

Camera Right Angle Finder (II edition)
• 5 Adapter for different DSLR or SLR
   Eyecup Adapter
A. for Canon 18mm
B. for Canon 22mm
C. for Nikon 22mm
D. for Pentax
E. for Olympus 
• Camera Right Angle Finder Carrying Pouch
• Clean Brush
• English User Manual
• Original Manufactory Package

Suitable For

D7000 D5200 D5000 D3100 D3000 D600
D300S D300, D200, D100, D90, D80,D70S, D70, D60, D50,  D40, D40X
F301/F401/F501/F601/FE10/FM10/All F Series

EOS 1000D, 450D, 400D, EOS 350D, EOS 300D, EOS 300V, 

EOS 5D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 10D, D60, D30, 
EOS 300, 88QD, 500N, EOSAD1, EOSIN
EOS 60, 55, 50E, 33, 30, 30V, 3, 5,

E-520 E-510 E-420 E-410 E-500 E-330 E-300

S3 Pro, S2 Pro, 690
All 22mm eyepiece

SP, M, K, Z, P, MZ, *istd, *istds
All 22mm eyepiece

SD10, SD9
All 18mm eyepiece,

All  18mm eyepiece,